Algarve Wedding Photographer – Aldeia da Pedralva

This Aldeia da Pedralva wedding has some meaning for me because when I was surfing and sleeping on the beaches of the west coast with my camper van I used to stop at the local Pizzaria in Pedralva. I can never forget the feeling of surfing all day and then eat those tasty pizzas.

So this wedding of Laurie and AJ was a very special one, the fact that AJ is a surfer like me and that they had a chilled wedding at my favorite venue of the Algarve made it all very magical and excited for me as a photographer and as a person.

In the morning I was able to go with AJ and his friends for a surf session before the I do! I wish I could be in the water with them but I know if I went on the water I would just have fun and put the camera away, even if I had a housing for the camera. Yes I had that experience before and I know once I get on the water I just wanna get some waves :).

After the surf sesh they had a beautiful ceremony on the hills of Pedralva and the reception on the streets of the Village with the most relaxing vibes ever at a wedding.




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