Algarve Elopement – For the Wild

The definition of Elopement is to escape, to run away, to be bold and brake the rules. That’s how I see myself getting married. This is an inspiration for the adventurous lovers that want to keep on their memories something unique and show to their children how cool they were.

So, please bare with me and picture this:

A young couple in love with a travel addiction decides to elope on the beautiful beaches of the Algarve. Not warning no one they just want to show their love for each other. After spending a few days on the Algarve coast they slowly wake up, have breakfast and get on their motorcycle to find the prettiest cliff view, playing and goofing while they ride, sharing the most intimate and genuine feeling with each other.

Some may find this a lonely day and find that such an important day should be shared with others, but this is for the wild and adventurous!


Check out the amazing video that my friend Joel made from this inspiration.

Wilderness Elopement from Da Palma on Vimeo.


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