Ireland Wedding – Erin & David

Ireland wedding photographer – I met Erin and David on the Algarve, they were supposed to get married in the Algarve but for other reasons they decided to get married at home. Feeling unhappy with losing such wedding with this cool couple turned out to be a big surprise when they invited me to go to Ireland to do their wedding.
Erin and David took care of me like I was their friend for a long time and I will never forget the hospitality from the Irish people. Its always quite strange to go abroad and to be in a different culture, but Erin and David and all their friends and family made me feel like home.
Portuguese people always say that when it rains on a wedding, Its a blessed wedding! So it was! A big storm just hit Baltimore, Cork on the wedding day. Used to the sunny Algarve this was very different from what im used to, but I must say that this weather gave a different mood that I fell in love with.

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